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A book is like a world. One library is many worlds and a single book is one, but both are the same thing. Infinite words, readings and interpretations. An open scene is also something of the same substance, be it a huge production, or a minimal performance. This book fair happens at the intersection between these two worlds. This fair is also an open scene where you will be able to find texts, images, books, fanzines, cordel literature, posters, programs, etceteras in several languages talking about authors, readers, directors, actors, performers, creators from all over who know the world is an open scene. What do they know? What can they do? What do they say? Hоw dо they do what they do? And what are they silent about? With the presence of corporeality, and performativity.

That’s because we never had grammars or collections of old vegetables. And we never knew what was urban, suburban, frontier and continental. Lazy on the world map of Brazil.

A participant consciousness, a religious rhythm.*

A fair where it is possible to get lost and find what you wanted, to architect the unknown, to discover what we do not know. Myriad of readers and readings entangled with the vast knowledge presented. New text releases, performances, workshops and readings will happen during its three days.

Full schedule coming soon.

*Cannibalistic Manifesto, Oswald Andrade, 1928.

13:00 – 14:00

Vão livre Praça das Artes
Av. São João, 281 – Centro – São Paulo – SP

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With Déborah Danowski, Eduardo Viveiros de Castro and Tatiana Nascimento

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