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Coordination: Paula Lopez

This work group aims to raise strategies to expand the insertion of artists with disabilities into the regular production of Brazilian performing arts. In addition, artists, managers, producers, programmers and curators in general will have the opportunity to know and reflect on the logic and aesthetic power of accessibility features when applied in the field of arts and culture.

Decolonizing the gaze

Coordination: Alejandro Ahmed

A work group to think about the distances between artists, curators and programmers. To think of access technology and possible expansion devices. Reflect on the relationship between creation and the public, not forgetting, but without prioritizing, the market. Contexts, openings and blind spots. To decolonize one’s vision, one’s perception of the other and the very way one looks at the other.

Only where there is mystery is there no determinism. But what does that have to do with us? *

Festivals etc

Coordination: Natália Mallo

Dismantle the operative and dominant idea of ​​the festivals, as large parties involving many spectators and an excess of performances and spectacles. To think of the festivals as etc, as escape lines and numerous possible architectures. Discard formulas and reproductions, focus on festivals that take place on the edges of dense forests or in empty lots on the edges of cities.

The Migrations. The flight of tedious states. Against urban sclerosis. Against conservatories and speculative boredom. *

Artistic Rexistences

Coordination: Gabi Gonçalves

The exchange and establishment of networks are the foundation of life and also the form of opposition and resistance to the established. Dislocations are important to amplify resignifying singularities, composing new perspectives. To be another time, place and being. To reside, to create and to rexist.

We were never catechized. We live by a somnambulistic law. We made Christ to be born in Bahia. Or in Belém do Pará. *

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