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        Maintained by entrepreneurs in the trade in goods, tourism and services, Sesc – Social Service of Commerce is a private institution whose objective is to provide welfare and quality of life to workers in these sectors and their families. Its conceptual basis is the Charter of Social Peace and its action is the result of a solid cultural and educational project that has brought the brand of innovation and social transformation since its inception in 1946.

       Throughout its history, SESC has innovated by introducing new models of cultural action and emphasized education as a prerequisite for social transformation. The realization of this purpose was due to an intense performance in the field of culture and its different manifestations, destined to different publics, in diverse age groups and varied social strata. This means offering a wide range of events and effectively contributing to longer lasting and meaningful experiences.

       In the state of São Paulo, Sesc has a network of 44 centers dedicated to culture, sports, health and nutrition, child and youth development, the elderly, social tourism and other areas of activity. This patrimony forms an architectural ensemble of multiple languages ​​and influences, constituted from the contribution of names such as Lina Bo Bardi, author of Sesc Pompeia, and Paulo Mendes da Rocha, responsible for Sesc 24 de Maio.

       The institution’s presence in the state of São Paulo also expands beyond the cities in which its socio-cultural equipment is installed. Streets, squares, parks and other spaces are occupied with cultural and sports activities; and tons of food, provided by donor companies, are distributed to social institutions through the Mesa Brasil project. In addition, there is the SESC Circuit and Challenge Day, held in partnership with local prefectures and trade unions.

       The SESC thus develops an action of non-formal and permanent education, with the purpose of valuing its public, by stimulating personal autonomy, interaction and contact with diverse expressions and ways of thinking, acting and feeling.

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