Ato 2019 – Campo das Artes (Field of Arts)

Campo das Artes (Field of Arts)
– Paraná (BRA)

Campo das Artes (Field of Arts), created and directed by the actor Luís Melo, is a cultural space located in the district of São Luiz do Purunã, municipality of Balsa Nova, Paraná: a historical and tourist region only 40 km from the capital, Curitiba. It is an essentially multidisciplinary space, which embraces the most diverse languages of artistic making, permeating the scenic and visual arts, dance, literature, fashion, design and gastronomy. Having a modern infrastructure in the unique landscape of Campos Gerais, it is open to resignifications, mediations, dialogues, experimentalism and creations within contemporary art.

With 164 thousand square meters of total area, the physical structure of the place includes multipurpose and coexistence spaces, collective housing, cafeteria, studios, vegetable garden, botanical greenhouse and various other possibilities of artistic and cultural creation.

For more information on Campo das Artes and on how to submit proposals for artistic residencies and cultural projects, write to: contato@campodasartes.com.br

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