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Brasil Cena Aberta

I’m only concerned with what is not mine. Law of man. Law of the cannibal.

In 1928, Oswald de Andrade published the Cannibalistic Manifesto, spreading to the cultural territory of Brazil the cannibalistic impulse of the Tupi Indians and their desire to absorb from the other warriors their potency of life. The manifesto to this day, in the year 2019, 465th year of the swallowing of Bishop Sardinha, invokes and mobilizes contemporary gestures that rethink the modes of production, collaboration and life as a whole. The manifesto is the driving force behind Brasil Cena Aberta.

Cannibalism alone unites us.

Brasil Cena Aberta is a platform that aims to digest the traditional positions of the ephemeral arts market and reinvent it in a wide-open, incarnate, explicit process!

Down with all the importers of canned consciousness. The palpable existence of life.

Brasil Cena Aberta does not aim to reduce the Brazilian way of doing/creating/hallucinating to a condition that can be exported in a defined format, closed and immutable. The project proposes to be a platform composed by the time of the meeting and of the space available to be occupied. Time-place where it is possible to stop and come across with the other and, during this dialogue, be together to think and brave through new paths and perspectives.

Swallow the city and the coexistence.

Brasil Cena Aberta is, above all, an invitation to digest the various ways of inhabiting the world, discovering and swallowing new possibilities; tension between all types of bodies, “against social reality, dressed and oppressive,” it is movement.

Down with Memory as a source of custom.

Brasil Cena Aberta is an encounter without defined borders, with dynamic limits. A network of feelings and their effects. A Working Site. DIY. A means to reorganize what is spent and take these remnants out of this outdated idea of internationalization, far from this trivialized globalization. To pollinate the world with other ways of creating, other operations. A field of invention and discovery of strategies both local and global.

Always in the measurement of the Relation.

Brasil Cena Aberta encourages and sponsors the construction of new itineraries, putting on the open scene the relations between artists and programmers, building this meeting together and betting on the emergence of new modes of existence. Here, culture is an embassy, a message of rapprochement and an exchange of experiences, away from the idea of country or nation. Against any attempt to colonize. The only nation instituted in Brasil Cena Aberta is that of the imagination.

From the equation “Self, part of the Cosmos” to the axiom “Cosmos part of self.” Subsistence. Experience. Cannibalism.

Brasil Cena Aberta is also interested in what is not mine, which is beyond the experience of the self, which moves it from its defined position. It is interested in the various issues that destructure the rules and are based on the germination of new powers.

Receba nossa novidades!

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